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An Unexpected Turn in the Trials

By Nora G

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Rebecca Nurse, a highly respected lady in the Salem community, has been executed. Many are upset that the Rebecca Nurse has been killed, and mourn her. She has been a role model to many young Puritans. Her family is wished well.

Rebecca Nurse was born in Yarmouth, England in February of 1621. Rebecca Nurse has two sisters with the names of Mary and Sarah. Rebecca has four sons and four daughters. She was married to Francis Nurse until she passed away a few days ago.

Nurse was accused of witchcraft at the age of 71. A group of young afflicted girls accused Nurse of witchcraft in the year of 1692. The girls had said that Rebecca Nurse would fly into their rooms at night and torture them. Ann Putnam had said that Nurse had tried to get her to sign the Devil's book. However, some people believe Ann to be a little mentally unstable, and people of the Salem community do not believe this information to be true.

Many people believed that Nurse should not have been accused of witchcraft. People in Salem village have said that she is saint-like, a perfect example of good Puritan behavior. Some citizens have tried to protest against the trial, but most are too nervous because of what protesting might cause for themselves. Many people were nervous that if they joined the rebellion, then they might be accused of witchcraft. Rebecca nurse was one of most unlikely people to be accused of witchcraft. Most people thought that Nurse would never be accused. This was a quite a shocker to people living in the Salem area.

After her accusation, Nurse was moved form her house to the local jail in March, 1692. She was supposed to be in bed at home, considering how ill she was. Nurse's trial was held on June 30, 1692. On the day of the trial, Rebecca Nurse did not protest or plea innocent. At the end of her trial Nurse said, "I can say before my central father I am innocent and god will clear my innocence." Nurse had been proven of "not guilty." However, Right after the choice had been made, the afflicted girls started moaning and rolling on the floor. When Rebecca Nurse would try and lift her hands, the girls would scream out and cry. The magistrate reminded the jury of something Nurse had said about another person convicted of witchcraft. Nurse said, 'she is one of us." Nurse was old and had a hard time hearing. When she asked by Governor Phips what 'she is one of us." means, she did not not reply. The magistrates and jury came to a conclusion that Rebecca Nurse was a witch.

Rebecca Nurse was sentenced to death on July 19, 1692. Nurse was hanged on Gallows Hill. It was said that on the day of her execution, Nurse did not complain. She stood up on the platform and was killed.

Rebecca's family has been living just outside of town for the past few days. Rumors are spreading that Rebecca's sisters are also witches. Rebecca's family has been excused from the church until further notice. Good luck is not upon the family of Rebecca Nurse.

Rebecca Nurse is a very important part of history. She was a role model to many people. Nurse has proven that the unexpected can happen. Many are now scared or frightened, but it will just push people to be the best Puritans they can. Even though you might be the perfect example of a Puritan, watch out, because things may take an unexpected turn.

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