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Witches' Remise

The Hunting Times

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Most people in America know of the Salem Witch Trials, but many do not know what had happened in Europe just a hundred years before. In Europe about 60,000 so called "witches" were tried and executed between the years 1550 and 1650. Accusations of witchcraft were common, especially in Germany and France. People were being killed by the day. It is important that these events are learned of because it could have helped prevent the witch trials in Salem, and can help prevent anything like this from happening in the future. The Salem Witch Trials were not the first of their kind and were similar and different in many ways to the massive witch hunts in Europe. The main factor that both have in common, however, is fear.Continue reading

World News, 1690-92: Beyond Salem

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Many interesting things happened in the past couple of years and this news just arrived to share with the entire town of Salem Massachusetts. The world is rapidly changing, new inventions, and events race by. Occasions that occurred over the past two years (1690-1692), I will be reviewing novel inventions, important events, battles, and other items of importance.Continue reading

The Red Scare

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When comparing the "Red Scare" in America in the 1950s to the Salem Witch trials in America at the end of the 1600s, some similarities are obvious. Both events created hysteria by stirring up people's irrational fears. The "Red Scare" refers to the fear of communism in the 1950s. This was actually the second "Red Scare." The first took place earlier and referred to the fear that a Bolshevik revolution would take place in America. The second "Red Scare" was also known as "McCarthyism" due to its most famous supporter, a man named Senator Joseph McCarthy. After World War II, many people feared communism. Then, things like Soviet Union spying, the Berlin blockade, the Iron Curtain, and the Chinese cultural revolution increased this fearContinue reading

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