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Civil War Projects


In order to touch on many of the major and historically significant events of the Civil War, you will be placed into groups and required to research a specific aspect of the War.  Your group will present this information to the class as either a dramatization or visual aid.  You will also turn in a copy of your script (for all except group #5) and a bibliography page (both typed!).  Your task is to inform your classmates about your particular piece of the Civil War.  Your project can be entertaining, but your focus must be on presenting as much useful, interesting, important information about your topic in the time given. 


Groups will present on different days.  You should be aware of your presentation date and be prepared for that day—scheduling a make-up day will be exceptionally difficult and will aversely affect your grade.  Each group should be prepared to fill 35 minutes of class time.  After your presentation is finished, the class will have five minutes to ask your group questions about your topic and your presentation.  Each group member needs to contribute substantially to both the creation of your project and the response to the classÕs questions. 


After you have delivered your presentation, you will complete a self-evaluation of your contributions to your group and your groupÕs work as a whole.  Once you have submitted this self-evaluation, your teacher will grade your work based on a combination of observations and your evaluation.  You will receive your final grade once your entire group has submitted their evaluations.  You will each receive one individual grade out of a total of fifty points. 


You will receive some in-class time to work in groups on your research and creating your projects.  You will also need to meet with your group outside of class; it will be important for you to coordinate your schedules and make sure that each member of the group contributes to the final product. 

















1.  Causes of the Civil War                                                                    Wednesday, May 28


You will research the various conflicts between the Northern states and the Southern states that ultimately resulted in the Civil War.  You should focus your research upon how the two main issues of slavery and the conflict over states vs. federal rights led the two parts of the country to war.  Your group will then design two opposing multimedia campaigns, one for the North and one for the South, advocating for those two positionsÕ points of view.   For each side, you will need to create the following:

A propaganda poster

A theme song (lyrics and music)

A commercial (this can be an iMovie or a live presentation in front of the class)

A bumper sticker

Any additional pieces that you feel fit your campaigns


You will begin your presentation with a brief (five minute) explanation of the various causes that led to the Civil War.  You will then present your opposing media campaigns, followed by a discussion with the class that you will lead that explains your artistic intent and the historical subject matter that informed your creations. 






2. Battle of Antietam                                                                                 Thursday, May 29


You will present a news broadcast of events during the battle and interviews with various participants, including generals and common soldiers.  For this project, you will need to teach the class about the events that lead to this battle, the important events within the battle, the major people involved, and the effects the battle had upon the subsequent course of the war.  You can model your news broadcast on a wide array of present-day news programs; although there was no television during the Civil War, your audience will suspend their disbelief for the duration of your presentation.  You will submit a copy of the script for your broadcast after your presentation is complete. 













3. Battle of Gettysburg                                                                                   Friday, May 30                       

You will design, organize, and hand out parts for a reenactment of PickettÕs Charge (as we have done with the Battle of Trenton and Fort Sumter) and give a brief summary of rest of the Battle of Gettysburg.  For this project, you will need to begin your presentation with a brief, scripted presentation of background information on the events leading up to Gettysburg and to PickettÕs charge in particular.  You will then assign roles to the class (one role per person) and guide us through the reenactment of PickettÕs Charge.  You will then end the presentation with a debriefing on the reenactment that includes an explanation of the importance of PickettÕs Charge and the aftermath following the battle of Gettysburg.  You will submit a copy of the scripts for your background information, the reenactment, and your debriefing information after your presentation. 












4. ShermanÕs March                                                                                      Monday, June 2


You will present a 60 Minutes/Barbara Walters/Larry King/Diane Sawyer-style interview with Sherman, a Confederate soldier, a slave, and a few other people affected by ShermanÕs March.  For this project, you will teach the class about the events and the impact of General ShermanÕs campaign now known as ŌShermanÕs March.Ķ  You will teach the class about how ShermanÕs tactics affected different groups of people, as well as how this campaign affected the course of the war.  You will write a script for each interview, using historic fiction and quotations from historical figures.  Your show should include at least three interviews.  You can use students from outside of your group for interview subjects if you wish.  You will submit a copy of the scripts for each of your interviews after your presentation.













5. LeeÕs Final Movements in War and his Surrender                                    Tuesday, June 3


You will create a three dimensional visual representation of General LeeÕs final movements (his last few battles and how the Union Army surrounded him).  This representation could take many different forms—feel free to be creative.  Make sure that your representation clearly displays the movements of LeeÕs army during the last few battles, highlighting major events with particular attention to LeeÕs surrender.  You will deliver a presentation walking the class through General LeeÕs last movements, culminating in an explanation of the details of LeeÕs surrender.  You will not have to turn in a written script, but you should prepare thorough notes for your presentation and make sure that your visual representation is clear and detailed. 












6. LincolnÕs Assassination                                                                       Wednesday, June 4


You will create a dramatization of BoothÕs life, LincolnÕs Assassination, and the aftermath.  You will research the motivations of John Wilkes Booth, the circumstances of LincolnÕs assassination, and aftermath of that event, including BoothÕs capture and the effect LincolnÕs death had upon a divided nation.  You will then write, rehearse, and produce a three-act play based on those events.  As you will be the last group presenting, you may incorporate classmates from previous groups as actors in your play, but the actual script must be written by your group.  Feel free to incorporate costumes, props, sets, and any other elements you feel are appropriate.  You will turn in a copy of your script after putting on your play for the class.