America Before Columbus Questions


On a separate sheet of paper, please write 2-3 COMPLETE SENTENCES for each question. 



1.  List three facts that show the amazing diversity and culture of America’s civilization before Columbus.






2.  Why did Columbus refer to the Native Americans as Indians?  How did they refer to themselves?





3.  List three assumptions (things people assume that are not necessarily true) the European settlers made about Native Americans.  Explain why these assumptions were incorrect or biased.





4.  Describe the natural environment when the settlers arrived.





5.  Describe some aspects of Native American religion.




6.  Why did the Puritan John Winthrop say, “God hath hereby cleared our title to this place”?  What did he mean?  What does this say about Winthrop’s beliefs?






7.  Why do the Acomans frequently not tell people how old their community is?