Ecology studies the complex ways that living creatures interact with and depend on each other and on the natural environment for survival.


Going Green And Recycling

Results of 3rd Grade Water Survey: Click Here to see how much water 115 third graders might use in one week and in one year. (Click Here to download 3rd Grade Water Use Survey Sheet)

Energy and Alternative Energy

Ecosystems, Biomes, Food Webs

Producers, consumers, & decomposers: Food Webs and Games


Back To Nature: Kids, Take a Hike!

Plants and Animals


Gardening with Kids

Gardens That Attract Wildlife

Identifying species: Encyclopedias and Nature Guides

Trees and Plants

Geology, Minerals, and Fossils

Ice Age


Global Warming




The Great Lakes

Endangered Species in the Midwest

Hine's Emerald Dragonfly

Karner Blue Butterfly

Illinois Endangered Species

Environmental Education: Places to Visit Near Chicago to Learn More

Water Cycle

Rivers and River Habitats

Wetlands and Fresh Water Ecology

Becoming a Nature Detective: Tracking animals

Mr. Hanck's Baja Whale Watching Trip

Click here to see Gray whale pictures and video from the trip: