Science Inventions 2005

Alex C's Medicine Maker makes your medicine at home.

Alex L's Drive-In Stamp Machine and Mailbox

Alexander's GPS locator

Allie's Stuffed Animal Picker-Upper

Andy's All Sports shoe

Anne Tooth-Brushing Glove

Anoop's Glider

Aurielle's Invention

Ben's Medicine Gum

Blake's Wristwatch Telephone

Cameron's Drinker that combines three different kinds of drinks

Charlie's Automatic Diaper Changer

Chris' Food carrier

Cole's Magnetic Clothes Hanger

Combination Chopsticks

Dante's Supershoe

David Edible Art

Eleanor & Korbin's Memory Machine

Eliot's Automatic Card Dealer

Elizabeth's Dog Feeder

Ellen's Messy Hairbrush

Elyse's Magnetic shoes

Emily's Mouse Catcher

Ethan's Automatic Shower Temperature Regulator

Extend-A-Mirror for seeing around corners.

Fiona's Light dimmer

Frank's Toilet Plunger automatically cleans toilets.

Grace & Maria's Toothpaste

Hiroki's Magnetic Shoes

Cat Motel where your cats can stay when you are on vacation.

Jack & Noah Automatic Head Banger Invention.

Zoe's Binoculars

Jack's Lemon Squeezer

Jackson's Solar Pack

Jonathan & Miles' Robot

Julian's Hikomatic Hat that contains all you need when you're hiking.

Julie & Rebecca's FRAN

Julie & Sarah M's Glasses Reader

Kaleb's Poptop Cleaner

Kassim's Hookey

Katie's Electric Seat Warmer

Kelsey's Radio-Controlled Picker-Upper Machine

Leah's Trasher 3000 is a remot-controlled trash can.

Lillian's Rollerblades Airbag projects rollerbladers.

Lindsey's X5K-Mobile

Logan's Drinkmixer

Loren's Clothes Vacuum picks up your clothes.

Louie's Fingertip Glove has many devices in the fingers.

Lukas' Gum lets you add flavor to your gum so it is always tasty.

Maddie's Flower Cutter

Marissa B's Grocery List lets you order groceries from home.

Marwan & Domogoj's Cup

Max's Bungee Tray makes it easier to carry a tray.

McKenie's Cat Motel

Melora's Alarm Pencil

Micah's Translator translates languages.

Mira's Clothes Cleanup

Mutiat's Makeup Conveyor

Natalie & Kimmi's Model Ice rink

Nate's invention

Nell's S & M Maker

Netta's Plate Carrier carries plates safely

Niki's Key Finder finds your keys.

Payton's Periscope

Portia's Toy Vacuum picks up your toys.

Priya's Tub Cleaner cleans the bathtub easily.

Rachel's Toadfeeder Cage holds toads and their food.

Rex's Door Opener

Richard's Lazy Pen does the writing for you.

Zach's New Snacks

Ruby's Snack Machine brings snacks to you.

Ruby's Air Device

Rush's Beanie Baby Rescuer

Sabrina's Supply Holder

Static electricity

Sam K'tooth is a new kind of Blue Tooth technology.

Sam R's Warmer

Sam A's Dog Alarm

Sarah's Animal Grabber

Shaili's Magnetic Satellite

Sheridan's Machine

Tiffany & Lily's Playhouse

Vicky's Super Reacher for reaching things on high shelves.

Vivek's Candle Design

Vivek's Candles

Will's Wet Glove Dryer dries your wet gloves.