Ms. Anglin's Class Patent # Student Invention
Florence 2009-1 New musical instrument--half clarinet, half saxophone, violin
David A 2009-2 Automatic cat feeder. Poster showing how it works.
Meghan 2009-3 (with Rachel) Coca maker--model, adds ingredients, stirs, and heat chocolate in a cup.
Alex 2009-4 (with Elbert) Portable Monopoly game)
Olivia B 2009-5 2009-5a (1) Go-to-sleep booklight. Turns off automatically when you go to sleep. Working model booklight and glove. Sensor takes your temperature and turns of the light when your temp goes down as you go asleep. (2) CandyWorld board game--combines CamenSanDiego, Clue, and CandyLand.
George 2009-6 Secret Drawer that you can hide things in--stick pushes from the back to open.
Elbert 2009-7 (with Alex) Portable Monopoly game made of paper with game pieces. In pencil--needs to be improved before I can photo it.
Natalie 2009-8 "Super Timer" Scale model. Voice activated--reminder, records messages
Talia 2009-9 Rube Goldberg device to turn on TV--Rube Goldberg device.
Eva 2009-10 Stuffed animal swing pusher. You crank
Wilson 2009-11 Geocaching belt--everything you need all on one belt. Poster
Chase 2009-12 Model for a machine that retrieves soccer balls. Hockey Marble run game is the model--marble run returns the ball after a goal is scored.
Erica 2009-13 TV hammer--Rube Goldberg device for turning on the TV. Large drawing in color.
David J 2009-14 Trap for small animals like squirrels. Wooden crate that works using a mouse trap.
Alison 2009-15 "Scoofer"--combination scooter and mop-- lets you use your scooter inside and cleans the floor at the same time.
Kyle 2009-16 Popcorn maker on wheels--model car and popcorn machine is RC operated.
Helen 2009-17 Camera for car that monitors small children in back childseat--photo and poster
Sonny 2009-18 Homework car that carries your homework--you pull it with a string. Cardboard model
Megan M 2009-19 "Table Cruiser"--container with shelves that can be wheeled around the table (with Kelly)
Jenna 2009-20 Nail painter--puts nail polish on your nails. Working model
Luke 2009-21 Handonator--for picking up things--legos, clothes, food. Two levers--one grasps and one extends the hand. Poster and scale model.
Rachel 2009-3 (with Meghan) Coca maker--model, adds ingredients, stirs, and heat chocolate in a cup.
Kelly 2009-23 "Table Cruiser"--container with shelves that can be wheeled around the table (with Megan M)
Sageus 2009-24 Bullet Washer--camping machine that washes dishes while you're camping. Two brushes--dishes are put between them
Ms. Davis' Class Patent # Student Invention
Marian 2009-25 MegaMagnet Grabber--extension pole with magnet on end that picks up magnetic things. Pole with ariel on end.
William 2009-26 3-pronged Marshmellow stick made of metal.
Jeremy 2009-27 Everlasting candle. Wicks are separate from the candle body? Model
Finn 2009-28 Outdoor game--"Super Ball"--poster explains rules. Uses a baseball and is played on a field.
Kendall 2009-29 Custom drink mixer. Lets you mix three different drinks in your cup. Model
Clara 2009-30 "Magnetic Note tree"--model on wheels.
Clemente 2009-31 Poster and model--timer and cap--so people won't talk to you before 8: earplugs, ipod, earmuffs, cap
Giacomo 2009-32 Mr. Lizard--stuffed animal that holds books for you if you have a sore wrist and can't hold the book by youself. Also has reading light in the tongue.. Hand made. Bookmark tie
Sarah 2009-33 "The Kid's Chair" RC model with a chair for a doll. Real model would be large enough for a child to ride in.
Janie 2009-34 Buggy Rescue board game. Cards and game pieces
Kenz 2009-35 (with Sean) A new origami "frisbee" shape using a poster showing all the steps.
Kelsey 2009-36 "Pup Seat" Poster--car seat for pets. Strap holds the pet down.
Amanda 2009-37 Weight attached to golf tee that prevents the tee from getting lost when you tee off. Working model
John 2009-38 "Suctionator" Shoe dryer--goes inside dryer, 4 suction cups that hold the bad in the center of the dryer so the shoes don't rattle when you run the dryer.
Illie 2009-39 Automatic hampster feeder--elaborate poster
Anna 2009-40 Book Bunk Companion for bunkbeds: pulley system that raises and lowers things in a tray. Working model
Tia 2009-41 Chair with cupholder, hanger, tray, pockets for remote controls, napkins, (working model)
Camille 2009-42 Axel's "slobber cup"for a dog that slobbers a lot. The cup collects it. Poster, picture, and model cup.
Sam 2009-43 Drink Thingee 2000--for drinking along with foods that taste bad. This drink makes them taste better.
Henry 2009-44 Rube Goldberg Alarm clock--poster
Amelia 2009-45 Doggie Fling--model for a machine for throwing frisbee.
Maddy 2009-46 Book umbrella for people who like to read while they walk
Sean 2009-35 (with Kenz) A new origami shape using a poster to show all the steps.
James 2009-48 A soup to cure the common cold. Poster. Oyster soup (the zinc is good for colds). "Pearl Soup"
Ms. Palumbo's Class Patent # Student Invention
Samy 2009-49 French-fried Taco Maker (poster)
Helena 2009-50 Improved violin stand for smaller violins (poster)
Jonah 2009-51 Candy checker game--licorish board, white and milk chocolate game pieces--completely edible.
Molly 2009-52 A better dog umbrella. She looked at other umbrellas and tried to improve them. (with help from Jennifer?)
Milo 2009-53 SodaFetching Chair--beach chair that tosses you a soda.
Katherine 2009-54 Grafiti Detector--sets off an alarm and captures the culprit at the same time (poster).
Allen 2009-55 A new rocket design. Triangular shape with three parachutes and inflatable cusions. Model. Designed to land on land or water instead of on water.
Bailey 2009-56 Dog Washer--suction-bottom bath boots for dogs.
Miranda 2009-57 Glass-cutting safety box (grandma does mosaic and gets glass cuts on her hands). Plastic box with openings for hands that go inside gloves.
Elizabeth 2009-58 Why Crumbs? Silverware/plates attached for picnics;
Emma M 2009-59 Sled cube--wheels like a wagon; stering wheel; has rope for pulling it back up the hill; has seat belt and top for safety.
Sofia 2009-60 Moving Monkey Bars--safer because it measures the height of the person and varies the bars height to fit for maximum safety. (poster)
Emma P 2009-61 Rhino Clear--clear bottle nasal spray that shows you when you're about to run out.
Alexander R 2009-62 Lego Picker-Upper--The Wedgie. It hurts your hands when you pick up a lot of legos at once. Bucket with hinges--working model.
Michael 2009-63 Toothbrush flashlight so you can see the back of your teeth when you brush.
Mason 2009-64 Puts your hat on for you--Rube Goldberg device drawing
Harrison 2009-65 (with Josh)--solar-powered military tank. Nice charts and presentation
Fionn 2009-66 Automatic vegetable/fruit soup maker picks vegetables from the garden and then makes them in a soup.
Cole 2009-67 Poop PickUpiNator--picks up dog poop, rocks, leaves, sticks, etc.
Josh 2009-65 (with Harrison)--solar-powered military tank. Nice charts and presentation
Jennifer 2009-69 WristBandNoseWiper--fits on your wrist for wiping your nose. Also has tissues in it.
Ilana 2009-70 "Mechanical Bedtime Machine" Poster of RG type machine.
Alexander W 2009-71 Domino holder when you play dominoes--drawing.
Neeky 2009-72 "The Fun Candle" The "Even More" candle--shaped like a chandelier--six candles in one.
Ms. Sukenic's Class Patent # Student Invention
Kate 2009-73 GMC--Greatest Movie Companion--helmut with contaner on top and drink on side.
Aliya 2009-74 (with Whitney) Automatic JumpRope turner--can be used with one person. (poster) You start it swinging and it keeps going on its own.
Arjun 2009-75 Solution for paper cuts--poster.
Marc 2009-76 (with Thomas) Wheelchair that can go upstairs. Drawing (83?)
Jessica 2009-77 Urban Gardening. Pot is made of newspaper, packing peanuts for drainage, plastic bag for a pot--uses recycled materials.
Nora 2009-78 Sea turtle hatching sanctuary. Idea to help sea turtles hatch safely and make it to the sea. Very nice scale model.
Ben 2009-79 (with Horace) simple bird feeder. Cover is slippery so that squirrels slide off
Olivia 2009-80 Hairbrush/conditioner in bottle so you can brush your hair and put conditioner on at the same time. Workable
Miles 2009-81 Automatic umbrella that fits in a backpack. Drawing
Ellie 2009-82 With Miranda: combination pencil and sharpener. Poster with models on the poster.
Thomas 2009-76 (with Marc) Wheelchair that can go upstairs. Drawing
Miranda 2009-82 With Ellie: combination pencil and sharpener. Poster with models on the poster.
Samuel 2009-85 Backpack reminder--lights indicate not ready, almost ready, ready. Stiknotes also. Drawing
Roxanne 2009-86 Automatic Dog feeder 3000 (poster) Pulley system sort of like a Rube Goldberg invention that has a series of steps.
David 2009-87 Remote control wheelchair--three wheeler model (needs poster)
Jonathan 2009-88 Drawing for a Rube Goldberg invention "Cutting Wood"--cuts a piece of wood.
Chloe 2009-89 Animal feeder (guinea pig). Model and two page explanation.
Giulia 2009-90 (1) Flower Waterer--drawing of a Rube Goldberg device. (2) Invention: Conveyor belt (model)--Plate moves on a belt and the food drops on top
Horace 2009-79 (with Ben) simple bird feeder.. Cover is slippery so that squirrels slide off
Whitney 2009-74 (with Aliya) Automatic JumpRope turner--can be used with one person. (poster) You start it swinging and
Elizabeth 2009-93 Stable Hunt board game (get 5 items--saddle, boots, brush, bridle, ) includes cards and game pieces (very well made and presented). Also game rules
Ferran 2009-94 Edible fork made of pretzel dough. Use it for sausages or any other food and then eat the fork. (drawing)
Ms. Weide's Class Patent # Student Invention
Ashwin 2009-96 RC car that can fetch snacks from the kitchen while you watch TV. Drawing (minimal--redo larger with more detail?)
Annika 2009-97 Combination pillow, robe, blanket for sleeping on the floor comfortably.
Naomi 2009-98 Knitted mitt that warms you up--you pull the straps and it rubs back and forth to warm you up.
Ethan 2009-99 Lego treadmill--model--the treadmill generates electricity for the computer.
Jakie 2009-100 Automatic Fish Feeder--good presentation. Drawings--used gearing to feed the fish once a day.
Giulia 2009-101 Combination construction machine--wrecking ball, crane, cement, caterpillar, etc. Drawing
Sam 2009-102 Computer program to help you remember things you need to do during the day. It has a checklist and you can't use your computer until you complete the checklist.
Victoria 2009-103 Flip-flops with sponges on bottom for mopping floor while you dust or do other things.
Alice 2009-104 Recorder holder so it won't roll of on the floor. Wooden strip that keeps the recorder in place and off the surface of the table.
Alicia 2009-105 Magnetic mop to find needles and pick them up on the floor--mom does a lot of sewing.
Michael 2009-106 Smoke mask--filters smoke out of the air--knitted mask.
Sophie 2009-107 The Shocker--system for disciplining students! Drawing. Nice presentation . Cardboard model of classroom with desks.
Jacob L 2009-108 Computer holds music and keeps track of how you played.
Olivia 2009-109 SpaceSaver storage on the ceiling. Drawing showing the device.
Isabella 2009-110 Velcro-sleeve shirt so that long sleeve can be removed to make a short sleeve shirt. Model shirt.
Thomas 2009-111 Combination Butter and Jelly spread that you use for snacks.
Lillian 2009-112 Teabags with sugar already inside it. Different flavors. Made her own teabags, added sugar and made tea in class.
Maya 2009-113 Clipboard that holds pens, pencils, etc.
David P 2009-114 Teletyper--types your words out for you when you speak into it. Drawing
Jacob S 2009-115 pants patch made from velcro to repair holes
Elena 2009-116 Homework--light, pencil sharpeer, box,
Katherine 2009-117 Katie invented a music book page turner--a working model. You step on the wooden pedal.
Terrance 2009-118 Hates to clean under the bed; machine graps stuff under his bed; has light, PVC pipe to grab things that has forceps (drawing?)
Jackie W 2009-119