About Design Communication

Design Communication

Design Communication is a year-length Fine Arts class at University of Chicago Laboratory High School. The course covers basic design principles, pixel and vector-based digital imaging, web design, and 3D modeling.

Personal web sites are rapidly replacing traditional resumes in today's job market. Similarly, including an excellent personal site with an application demonstrates to a college that the applicant already has a sophisticated modern skill set including critical thinking, computational thinking, and design sensibility. One of the most important things that students in this class learn is how to create and maintain excellent websites using the latest HTML5, CSS3 and Java script combined with custom graphics made with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Whether one is trying to sell a product, generate support for a charitable cause, or present a new invention that will save the world, it is increasingly necessary that the conveyance of the ideas be as well designed as the ideas themselves. This class empowers students by developing the type of visual perceptivity and computer competency needed for effective Twenty-first Century communication. No computer hardware or software need be purchased to take the class.

Grateful Acknowledgement:

• Thank you to the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools for their deep committment to professional development enabling teachers to learn new skills and develop new courses such as this one.

• Thank you to the Starter League the world's best brick & mortar web development school and especially to Shay Howe and Jeff Cohen,

• Thank you to the School of the Art Institute's continuing education department.

• Thank you to Lab alum Theo Ando (class of 2016) for help with java script and responsive design.

• A big thank you to Lab alum Andrew Heyman (class of 2017) who programed the class slider and grid of faces making it much much easier for me to add each new year of students.