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Art History Lab

Art History Lab is a curricular site for the AT course that I teach, as well as a general resource for anybody interested in the subject. The site is broken into three volumes and arranged chronologically, according to region and style. I've written most of it, but in the past two years, I've included sections written by my students. The Slide ID Challenge sections operate like flashcards. Try identifying the date, style, artist, and patron for each button in the side bar before clicking on it.

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Design Communication

Design Communication class is a fairly new course offering at Lab, and a class that I have been developing over the last few years. The course covers pixel and vector-based graphics, publication design, web design and 3-D modeling. Web design is a fundamental aspect of the class that we work on throughout the year. This website serves both as a curricular course guide, and as a gallery of student work.

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Advanced Drawing & Painting

Advanced Drawing & Painting is designed for students who are ready to focus on individualized work. Traditional, historical, and contemporary concepts and techniques of painting, drawing, mixed-media, and three- dimensional art will be explored. The purpose is to develop ideas and skills that will bring about a better understanding of art and enhance the personal visual statements of the student.

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Studio Art One

Studio Art One is an introductory course in fine arts that develops skills necessary to effectively render a range of subject matter. Design in both two and three-dimensions, composition, and sharpening analytical observation will be the focus of this foundation experience. Contemporary and traditional art will be viewed at museums, galleries and via reproduction as a research component.