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Day 14  [8/3/99]
From: Evanston, WY
To: Boulder, CO
Total Miles: approx. 500 
Sites Seen: Wyoming...more Wyoming, Colorado, Men with Guns
Today's Entry By: Alex Franke

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[picture on its way]
The Gang in front of the Walkers' in Boulder
After leisurely departing Evanston, Wyoming, we drove. We stopped for lunch in Laramie and continued south to Boulder. Wyoming was noted for its large green rolling hills and randomly placed ten- to twelve-foot fences that served no discernable purpose. The structures were located in the middle of vast, hilly fields, but their ends were not attached to any other fence or structure. There were dozens of straight-line fences, varying in length, in the middle of nowhere. We thought maybe they were used to block wind or to assist in cattle driving, but that was just naive urban speculation. Anyway, that was about all we saw in Wyoming.

We rolled into Boulder at about 4:30. Sarah and David Walker, aged 14 and 9 respectively, were there to greet us and offer beverages. There are a whole lot of people mentioned in this next section so try to keep up. After driving for many hours we opted for a change of pace and sat motionless in the Walker living room, as opposed to the car. James Walker, the father, arrived shortly thereafter to offer us deadbeats some activities for the late afternoon. In the usual fashion we decided not to go anywhere, but just to relax and utilize that gigantic closetful of games in the basement. Next Priscilla Walker, the mother, arrived after picking up some other relatives, a relationship I choose not to explain, from their ice skating lessons. Then came Bill Baker, brother to Priscilla and Pam (Baker’s and my mother), and uncle to Sarah, David, Baker and me. Finally came Robin, wife of Bill, and aunt to...well, you figure it out.

After some chitchat and delicious hors d'oveurs we exited to the patio for a wonderful home cooked meal, one of few on the trip. We had grilled chicken, fried rice, broccoli and a shrimp salad. For dessert, blueberry and rhubarb pies with two kinds of ice cream. After-dinner activities included a ping pong tournament and a rousing game of poker with Bill. We used plastic army men, airplanes, and pennies as betting devices. The poker stopped when David had to go to bed, and John, Sarah, Baker, Bill and I proceeded to act very maturely by trying to fly our plastic planes into each other’s breast pockets. We continued this activity for longer than should be revealed.  We were all exhausted and we found it amusing. By about 11:00 p.m. we were settling down for bed.  John, Rachel, Baker and I played catch with a glow-in-the-dark ball for a while, and then dozed off.

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