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route66Sign.gif (1961 bytes)Route 66 Trip '99        Alex, Baker, John, and Rachel
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Day 1 - Illinois
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Day 13  [8/2/99]
From: San Francisco, CA
To: Evanston, WY
Total Miles: 850 
Sites Seen: California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming
Today's Entry By: John Raskin

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No Stop.  No Pictures
"Monday: a million miles from Illinois"

Parv made the biggest sacrifice as the new week began. She woke up at the crack of dawn to drive Baker up to San Francisco in time for us to leave as dawn continued to crack. But such are the trials of love.

Meanwhile, I awoke from the most peaceful sleep ever in the most comfortable bed ever and stumbled down to the basement to wake the girls, who decided to play Ignore the Messenger. So I turned on the lights, which hurt me as much as it hurt them, and went back upstairs to pick water balloon pieces (hmm…) out of the shower and get ready for our daunting trek eastward.

route66Sign.gif (1961 bytes) Parv dropped Baker off promptly and we headed out over the Bay Bridge ("Was the Bay Bridge fogged in last night? Yes! Ba-doomp, ba-doomp") and turned toward Sacramento, which Matt Shuman in L.A. had warned us is not much of a city. Somewhere in Sacramento, however, I-80 escaped from under us and we discovered about 20 or 30 miles east of town that we were on California Highway 50. So we cut up on California 49, which of course was mountainous with hairpin curves because I was driving. After that delay, however, we continued westward on I-80 for approximately 600 miles through the most eerie region of the nation.

First of all, Nevada was constructed for the sole purpose of air force training. And gambling. Highway advertisements said stuff like "Next stop: Burger King w/playlot and casino." We passed through Reno, the Biggest Little City in Sister Act, and managed to keep a tight grip on I-80 all the way through town. The rest of Nevada was exactly the shade of brown we expected.

We hear there are a lot of Mormons in Utah. Maybe they’re hiding under the salt. From our perspective, as we passed into Utah the highway became a straight line through the Alaskan tundra although the temperature hovered around 90. Apparently, somebody poured a hell of a lot of salt all over the state, and at certain points in the salt they put cities and mysterious spots that glow in the night. They also put on a lightning show for us, which stayed just a few miles ahead of us until I started driving.

Then we called my dad to tell him we were staying in Park City, just east of Salt Lake City. So we drove to Park City, and we kept on driving until we ended up in Wyoming about an hour later. But don’t tell my dad.

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