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route66Sign.gif (1961 bytes)Route 66 Trip '99        Alex, Baker, John, and Rachel
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Day 10  [7/30/99]
From: Westwood, CA
To: Encino, CA
Total Miles: 5-10 
Sites Seen: Santa Monica Pier, 3rd Street, Jay Raskin's House
Today's Entry By: Alex Franke

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Baker and Alex stakeout a suspicuous Los Angeles C.P.K.
Ah… Finally a day when we didn’t have to get up or be anywhere. We took advantage of this fact by waking up at about ten, with some exception . According to the boys, Cousin Alec came into their room (which was actually his room) at about 8:00, after they were both awake, and attached his toy construction equipment to their ears and noses to try to lift them out of bed.
route66Sign.gif (1961 bytes) After packing our stuff up and saying good bye to Laurie, Rick, Alec and Matt, we set off for our day in L.A. We began with lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen in Brentwood, where things were pretty much the same as they are in Chicago except that there is outdoor seating. The seating was lovely. The weather was perfect. The only problem was that a large prehistoric bug was for some reason very attracted to John’s pizza, which is funny because I had the same pizza as John, but the bug didn't want mine. It was a blue-green scarab looking bug. The waiters had a fun time disposing of the bug. While one of the waiters dealt with the animal, the other said, "You are so brave to do that."
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Unbeknownst to Rachel, who's taking this photo, the fountain to the right was really peeing on us a lot.
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All pier action, all the time.
After lunch we retrieved our car from the free valet, a new concept to us, and parked it for free in another public parking lot on Broadway in Santa Monica. We cruised the Third Street Promenade, perused the candy store, and watched the street musicians. We walked out on the pier and gazed at the ocean, before gladly driving to Jay Raskin’s house to relax at his pool.
route66Sign.gif (1961 bytes) Jay lives up in the hills of L.A. with a beautiful view of the valley. We met his housekeeper, Irma, and her son, and then we fled for the pool. There was an inflated whale in the pool that Rachel, Baker, and I played with. John, who chose not to swim, later jousted with the whale. Baker, his opponent, was manned with a sponge.

At about seven o’clock Jay came home and took us out to dinner at a great French restaurant called Bezou. We spent all of dinner talking to Jay and hearing about his company which is funding research for AIDS prevention. It was all really very interesting. After dinner we rented Waiting for Guffman once again. Our constant quoting of the film caused us to need to rent it again. I will not stand for misquoting, and I demanded that people get it straight. Well, not really, but that’s the story that I like to tell.

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John finally captures a roaming Alexian Buffalo 
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Jay's Pool, complete with Shamu.
We returned to Jay’s, and started the movie, but shortly stopped it so that Baker could call Parv. After calling Parv we learned that she had been expecting us that day. Oops. We tried to figure out where the mix-up occurred, but failed. Baker felt really bad, but was cheered up by the movie. John and Rachel fell asleep to the movie, and Baker finished up his computer things. Nighty Night.

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