Week 1: K&R Ch. 1

DUE: MEOM of next class meeting Chapter 1 fairly quickly gets you up to speed with C basics. Please do the following exercises from Chapter 1: 1. 1-1 2. 1-3 3. 1-12 4. 1-13 5. 1-15 6. 1-19 7. 1-22* *This problem's wording is dense. Translation: pick a maximum number of characters that can fit on a line. Write a program that breaks the input into lines that have at most that max number of characters. NOTE: several of these programs require a large amount of character input at the keyboard. I'd recommend finding a plain text version of, say, the declaration of independence, copying it and pasting it. SUBMIT: 1. Each program should be written and compiled in its own directory titled 'ex1', 'ex3', etc. 2. Create a transcript of you running each of your programs. The file should be called ex1.script, etc. and should be located inside the directory for that exercise. 3. Make a directory called username.week1 which contains all of your exercise directories. 4. Zip up the directory and put it in my dropbox. (If you want to use the command line use %>tar -czvf username.week1.zip username.week1) When I unzip your file it should 'explode' into a directory tree like the following: bfranke.week1/ ex1/ ex1.c ex1 ex1.script ex3/ ex3.c ex3 ex3.script ex12/ ... etc. The c files can be called whatever you want, but the script files must adhere to the naming convention. (Reason: I'm mostly going to be looking at your transcripts).