How to SSH into the computers in UH202

You need an ssh client.  Unix-based machines come with one automatically.  PC people you'll likely need to download one.  My personal favorite from my PC days was puTTY.

The Basics:
%> ssh LabNetUsername@128.135.91.X

where X is any number 70-96.  You'll be prompted for your Lab School password.  Provide it.

Assuming it connects, you will be placed in the /Users/home directory of the computer you logged into.

You may now run mpi programs as you would if you were logged in at school.  The mpi programs are in /opt/mpich/bin

Be sure that you save your work in the /Users/home/Documents folder or it will be erased when the machines re-image at night.

If you want to copy files from the machine you're working on to your home computer you should be able to use an SFTP program using the same connection parameters as you used to ssh.