Helpful Links

(Many of these links were pulled from Prof. Shacklette's Unix Programming course at the U of C

  • new Quick vi tutorial
  • Molay Companion Website
  • From basic C programming to Interprocess Communication, RPCs and threads:
  • Unix Programming Frequently Asked Questions: (other flavors of Unix, not much of Linux, but still a lot of useful information)
  • The Unix Programming Environment:
  • C code from BLP textbook:  2971.tar
  • C libraries:
  • Advanced Bash Scripting Guide:
  • Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers:
  • Linux documentation:
  • A very useful list of introductory tutorials is here. Among the most relevant subjects are:
  • A list of programming tools and tutorials -- more than you'll ever want: of the links are broken, many are working).