UCLS Advanced Topics in CS :: C, Unix, Parallel Programming

Meeting Times:

Attendance will be taken!
1. Thursday, 9th period -- Group "foo"
2. Friday, 10th period -- Group "bar"
3. By Appointment.

Helpful Stuff:

How to submit your work
How to compile / makefiles
Helpful Links

Stuff You Need:

1. A C-compiler on your computer.  
	Mac people: get the Apple Developer tools - this will install gcc.  
	PC People: get cygwin - that should work.
	Linux People: you're probably good to go as is.  
2. Books: 
	"The C Programming Language" 2nd Ed. by Kernighan & Ritchie
	"Understanding Unix/Linux Programming: A guide to theory and Practice" by Bruce Molay
3. Email list:
	Sign up the email list: cstopics [at] ucls [dot] uchicago [dot] edu.  
	Here's a link: [coming]
4. A healthy attitude
	Many parts of this study will be a struggle.  We're all on the same team.  Help each other out.
	Work the problem

Unit 1: C Programming

  • Week 1: K&R Ch.1
  • Week 2: K&R Ch.4,5
  • Week 3: K&R Ch.6,7
  • Unit 2: Unix Systems programming

  • Week 4: Unix History, working with the command line.
  • Week 5: Working with files in Unix
  • Week 6-8: Pipes and Sockets
  • Unit 3: Parallel Programming in Grids

  • Week 9: Hello MPI
  • Week 10-15: Parallel Game of Life

  • Unit 4: Cluster Computing
  • Week 16-19: Establishing Random Asynchronous Communication
  • Week 20: Wrap-up - Catching Plagiarists Paper