U-High AP Computer Science 2008-9

Pre-class Summer Work

Students taking AP Computer Science need to complete all four units listed below.

Unit 1 - Setting up your Home Computer

You will need to downloand and install/configure several things on your home computer to do the vast majority of your work for AP Computer Science.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR 2008-9: the video linked to below was produced last year and so some things have changed. In particular, all of the programs that you need to download have newer versions. I have links to the current versions below - USE THESE VERSIONS not the ones referred to in the video.

Do: sign up for the class email list using an email address you check daily.

Watch: Video 01: Getting your home computer set up

Stuff you need to download:

1. Java 1.5 or higher

Java 1.5 is also refered to as java 5 -- don't ask. The current highest version is java 1.6 (aka Java 6), but I believe at this point the AP curriculum doesn't make use of any of the new features in 1.6.

PC: download Java JDK 6 update 7 from here.

MAC: if you run Software Update it should download and install the highest working version of java for you (There is java 6 for Leopard, but Tiger still uses Java 5). Mac users need to be careful that you're acutally using the highest version available to you -- follow the steps in the video to do this.

2. BlueJ IDE

Download the appropriate version for you platform from here: BlueJ v.2.2.1

Then install it. Follow the video if you have trouble with this.

3. Java Libraries

You need to download the following java libraries, save them in a safe place and add them as libraries to within BlueJ (via the preferences menu).

Karel J. Robot Library: KJRDistribution060110.zip (unzip the file, put the resulting folder someplace safe, and add KarelJRobot.jar to the libraries in BlueJ)

Squint Library: squintV2.12.jar (save this someplace safe and add it to your libraries in BlueJ)




Unit 2 - Your first programs

Watch: Video 02: Your first program

Do: Lab 1: Bike Wattage

Help: Handout covering simple I/O

Unit 3 - Meet Karel J. Robot

Watch: Video 03: Getting Started with Karel J. Robot

Read (optional): Ch. 1, Karel J. Robot bookt.

View: Franke's Karel Intro (pdf)

Do: Lab 2: H-Bot

(NOTE: I misspoke in the video...HandoffBot does not require you read a world file. It's an optional (but recommended) part of the assignment).

Do (optional): Lab 3: Handoff Bot (World file for Lab 3: lab3.kwld)

Unit 4 - A "real" GUI program

Watch: Video 04: Your first GUI program - Graphical Bike Wattage

Do: Create the same program that's written in video 4

Watch: Video 05: Reinventing the wheel with squint

Do: Create the same program that's written in viedo 5

Ready for school checklist

Did you?

  1. Download and install Java 1.5 or higher, BlueJ and add KarelJRobot.jar and squintv2.12.jar to your BlueJ libraries?
  2. Sign up for the class email list? Do it here
  3. Do Lab1 - BIke Wattage? Is it ready to turn in?
  4. Do Lab 2 - HBot? Is it as efficient as you can make it?
  5. Do Lab 3 - Handoff Bot? Consider the "thought" questions on the sheet?
  6. Do the Bike wattage GUI programs using JFrame and the other using GUIManager from Squint?