Summer Lab :: Flash Game Programming :: Session II

Below are screen shots of the games students made during the second session of Flash Game Programming at Summer Lab 2006. If you're interested in playing one of the games just click on it. It should open it in a new window. The teacher has done his best to describe each game and what it exhibits. Please excuse any cultural faux-pas.

NOTE: you will need the flash player plugin for your browser.


"Block Party"
This game demonstrates the basics of a side-scrolling type of game. Try to keep the block on the platforms...and don't die.

"Ride the Universe"

This is space shooting game where you try to defeat enemy ships while flying from planet to planet in our universe. Be careful, it gets harder on every level. This game exhibits a lot of collision detection as well as dynamic level making.

"Stick Shooter"

Another basic side-scrolling type of game. Try to shoot the jumping stick-figure enemies as they try to shoot you (harder than it sounds). In this game you can also shrink yourself to avoid being hit, but you have stay on the moving platforms as well!



This game demostrates some sophisticated shooting (i.e. trigonometry is necessary) as Alvin the Chipmunk tries to shoot birds flying over his head. Clearly Alvin was storing up acorns in the winter for the purpose of shooting birds that try to "drop" on his head. Naturally, Alvin will meet his demise if he is "dropped" on too much.



A Fun blockbreaker game with multiple levels. Careful, you only get to miss the ball once!


"Linux Long Run"
Make the Apple Skiier destroy the Linux Penguins. Look out for trees and rocks! You can jump of



Shoot the bad guys. Stay on the platforms. You might have to hunt around on the keyboard to find out which keys do what.