Summer Lab :: Flash Game Programming :: Session 1

Below are screen shots of the games students made during the first session of Flash Game Programming at Summer Lab 2006. If you're interesting in playing one of the games just click on it. It should open it in a new window. The teacher has done his best to describe each game and what it exhibits. Please excuse any cultural faux-pas.

NOTE: you will need the flash player plugin for your browser.


This is an adventure game that exhibits the use of navigation buttons to tell a choose-your-own-adventure type of story.


A variation on Pong with lots of heart.


A variation on Pong with..."Kirby." We're not exactly sure what that means but as you play try to get the ball to drift over the various power-up icons to see what happens.


A starwars related game that exhibits very difficult point-and-shoot programming. You can also switch weapons using the A S and D keys.


In this game the stick figures fight for the right to place an X or and O on the tic-tac-toe board. I'm not exactly sure about the keys needed to fight effectively, but if you figure it out, kudos to you.


Here you are trying to evade enemy archers while attacking the castle (although by the end of the class the programmers had not programed "death" to occur on being hit by an arrow.) You can move the main character using the arrow keys and attack using the space bar. The mouse might also do something. Play to find out.


Life is tough for Apple Corp. In this game make the Apple logo shoot iPods at the falling Windows. The stakes increase as the game progresses so get your aim down well.


Here is another starwars related game. It's pretty simple: click the mouse to shoot your lasers to hit the oncoming fighter craft. If the enemy's beams hit your targeter you lose life. At some point you explode.

An animation based on the Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros.